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John studied Music at Adelphi University

where he earned a

minor in Music composition

He has composed

original scores for plays

and his first Album

The Son and The Moon

Is currently in the process

of being remastered

and will be available for purchase again soon.

The Son & The Moon (Album Art - Final).j

50% of Profits go to Charity*

*25% to The American Brain Tumor Association

    - Brain Tumor Research

*25% to The JED Foundation

    - Protecting Youth mental health & suicide prevention

The Remastered


Coming Soon

Original Compostions



Frozen, by Bryony Lavery,

is a  drama about a mother confronting her daughter's serial killer. This soundtrack has a minimalist structure and uses disjointed rhythms and progressions as a reflection of the conversation between the mother and the killer.

Directed by:

Martha Benson


Murder by Midnightby Jeff Goode,

is a  comedic murder mystery in which Dick Piston, hotel detective, must solve a murder in ten minutes before his midnight shift is over. This soundtrack has heavy jazz elements reminiscent of film noir.

Directed by:

John Maddaloni

Original Songs

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